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Peace of mind to move in, out, and around your home Whether your difficulties are getting in, and out of your home or getting around your home. Don’t Worry because we can help you. We understand you may no longer be able to get in and out of the bath, or you may be finding it difficult to get up and down stairs. Maybe getting to your car, or garden, is a trial because of steps, distance or the terrain. We know having access to your community and social activities is important for both your mental and physical wellbeing and we want to help you. How we can help Our Occupational Therapists will meet you and your family face-to- face and complete an assessment of your needs. Dependability’s Occupational Therapists can recommend suitable environmental adaptations. Provide a detailed design brief with CAD drawings if required. Oversee design work, and project manage installation. Provide you with plans so you can hire your own construction staff/builder. Recommend builders we work with regularly. Self- Funded Adaptations Our experience will ensure that the solutions we provide, as well as being practical and cost- effective, are the best possible aesthetic fit for your home. The builders we work with normally adapt a bathroom within 10 days. The cost of a bathroom adaptions start at approximately £4,500 for a level access shower. Our Aim: Is to Help people to remain at home for longer and as independently as possible. Local Authority Funded Adaptations Local Authorities can provide a Disabled Facility Grant to assist with Disabled works. This can be up to £30,000. This is a means tested grant Further information on Disabled Facility Grants, who is eligible for them, and how to apply, can be found here.
An Environmental Adaptation is the term Occupational Therapists use to describe the modifications that can be made to a living space or a working space. For Example: A kitchen Accessing your property Staircase Bedroom Bathroom Access to the garden Office Adaptations can enable a person who has become unable to perform everyday activities, do them again more safely and easily giving back independence. Types of More Specialist Adaptations Include: Closomat Toilet – This will wash and dry you automatically after use, reduces infection and enables independence  and dignity. Ceiling Track Hoists – These are easier for carers to use and provide ease of transfer from bed to chair or can be used to enable bathing. Benefits: Adapting your home can bring many benefits. Safety – 90% of accidents involving elderly people happen in the bathroom. Confidence - a person is able to complete tasks they could not do without the adaptation. Reduced Falls – A fall can have huge consequences, causing long term disability, and can lead to infection and or a significant stay in hospital. Independence – Regaining independence over bathing or going up stairs we have found improves peoples psychological outlook that goes far beyond the amenity provided by the adaptation.
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