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Around 10 million people in the UK have arthritis according to NHS Choices.. Arthritis is caused by inflammation of one or more joints. Although arthritis is increasingly common as we get older, autoimmune diseases, broken bones, or baterial and viral infections also cause arthritic issues. For some people it means that everyday tasks become more difficult. Arthritis causes your joints such as toes, knees, hips and spine to become painful and immobile impacting on routine activities such as walking, dressing, using stairs and getting in and out of the bath. There are many different types of arthritis. The most common are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Supporting you to stay well.  There is currently no cure for arthritis, but your treatment and lifestyle can reduce your pain, improve your mobility and prevent further damage. Your doctor may prescribe medicines to ease pain and inflammation. In some cases your doctor may recommend replacement joints. Life style changes such as gentle exercise can reduce pain and help with stiffness and fatigue. Dependability can provide a range of services to help you manage in your own home. Working with you and your family we will create a care plan tailored to your unique needs, so you can enjoy the best possible quality of life.
How we can help you We understand doing things when you have arthritis becomes more difficult. To lessen your worry, our kind, compassionate and qualified care staff can help with: A morning call to help get you up out of bed and dressed for the day Your morning shower or bath Keeping on top of the housework - stripping beds or hanging our the washinfor example - tasks that are difficult to manage. Going to the shops, or having shopping delivered to your home Placing online shopping orders for you Preparing meals or assistance with eating meals Working with you on gentle exercises to keep you mobile and maintain your balance Get you out into the community and help you continue to participate in the activities you enjoy Put you in touch with the Local Authority who can provide Daily Living Equipment to increase your independence (subject to their eligibility criteria). Dependability Support Services We also provide a range of support services which can help you to remain independent. This includes having our Occupational Therapists assessing your needs. They are highly experienced in recommending Daily Living Equipment and Adaptations which will make you safer and more independent in your own home. We can help with: Daily Living Equipment to increase your independence Arranging Major Adaptations to your home if you are unable to get up steps or into the bath Supporting you in remaining living in your own home Advising you in obtaining mobility aids Applying for e Blue Badge. Our Aim Is to help you remain at home. To be more independent and need less support. To be safe and confident so you can do the things you enjoy. Also You may reliable, up to date information on arthritis on the NHS website, or the national charity Arthritis Care
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