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An acquired brain injury (ABI) is an injury caused to the brain since birth. There are many possible causes, including a fall, a road accident, tumour and stroke. (We have specifically dealt with Stroke under a separate specialism). The brain is made up of different areas. The effect of any brain injury will depend on the area that has been damaged. For example: The Parietal Lobe is responsible for spatial awareness, spelling, perception and manipulation objects. The Occipital Lobe controls vision. The Frontal Lobe is responsible for personality planning, organizing, emotional and behavioral control, attention, problem  solving, social skills and conscious movement. . The Temporal Lobe is responsible for memory, recognizing faces, generating emotion and language. The Broca Area controls expressive language and The Wernike Area controls understanding language,
A brain injury can involve and effect a number of areas for example Mobility, Memory, Language and Behavior. Whilst the brain cells cannot regenerate. The brain is very flexible and with a program of reablement /rehabilitation this helps the brain to learn alternative ways of working in order to minimise the long-term impact of the brain injury. We have assisted many people to regain lost skills so they feel more able and safer in their home. A Brain injury doesn’t just affect individuals; it can transform the lives of an entire families. You may have to make considerable changes to the way you live but we can support your whole family. Helping your Rehabilitation and Independence: Our team includes Occupational Therapists, Nurses and physiotherapists. We have ensured that all our care staff are skilled and can follow our rehabilitation/reablement programmes to help you back to independence. To maximise recovery reablement needs to be completed regular and as you recover hopefully you will be able to complete your programmes yourself. Our managers will liaise with your hospital team, regularly review your progress and will change activities in conjunction with the primary care team when required and as you become more able. Some people have difficulty with communication after a brain injury and this can be very frustrating. Our staff will use a range of different communication methods and tools to help you express yourself and assist with your speech therapy programme. At Dependability, our focus is on reablement not just caring, though all our staff are kind, caring, companionate, trained in your needs and will value your dignity. You will have a trained and dedicated team to support you. How we can help You: We can offer rehabilitation/reablement support planned with you focusing on your needs. We can help you start your day off well with reablement activities to help you wash, dress and have breakfast. Practically, - doing the shopping, laundry and house work so you use your energy on your reablement exercises with your carer. We can prepare nutritious meals helping you to eat and drink. A night call to settle you safely and comfortably into bed if required. Emotionally it’s important to starting going out and we can be your support in those early days. Our Aim for you: Is to help you regain any skills lost by your brain injury. To enable you to become more confident and self-reliant and need less support. To be safe and confident so you can do the things you enjoy and continue to recover through our rehabilitative support. Rehabilitation rehabilitative aims to help the brain learn alternative ways of working in order to minimise the long-term impact of the brain injury. Rehabilitation also helps the survivor and the family to cope successfully with any remaining disabilities.
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