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Personal Care and Support Services
Information For Commissioners Dependability Limited provides the following services: Occupational Therapy Assessments Assessment of people with disabilities in the community and arranging of equipment and adaptations. We provide manual handling assessments and training of informal carers and care staff on the use of hoisting equipment in the home. Paediatric OT Assessments Our specialist paediatric OT services assists families to access equipment and adaptations to enable them to provide disabled children with care in the home. Housing needs Assessments We can work with Housing allocations to identify priority and banding for rehousing and identification of void properties suitable for adaptation. Major Adaptations design Service Our OTs and surveyors work closely together to provide all services from initial assessment to final adaptation completion, including grant application, fully tendered works and all certificates. Adaptations include Level access showers, stairlifts, through floor lifts, and bedroom extensions. Re-ablement Services A detailed re-ablement programme with review. Also we offer longer term re-ablement support to day centres and stroke groups. Supporting People with Personal Budgets/Direct Payment Supporting people to use their Personal Budget as a Direct Payment and assisting in arranging services to assist them in maximum achievable control and choice. GP exercise referrals We have an exercise professional who can work with clients who need a graded exercise programme to achieve health improvements. Care Reviews Care management assessment reviews with an Occupational Therapy  focus, including continuing care applications and processing if required. Review of high end care packages for councils to provide justified recommendations for reduced care packages where appropriate. Concessionary Travel Assessments - Blue badges and Freedom passes Independent Mobility Assessments-Desk Based Assessments Paper applications assessed at Dependability offices, includes some telephone assessments. Local authority provided with decisions lists and completed scored assessment forms in agreed time scales. Face to Face Assessments Assessments completed by Occupational Therapists or Physiotherapists in a clinic situation, using a range of functional assessments. Ours assessment tool is used and adapted for many types of assessments. It meets DfT guidelines for Blue Badges and Disabled Bus Passes. It can be tailored to suit DWP requirements. Parking Bay Assessments Dependability visits the applicant at their property; assess applicant and geographical area to determine eligibility and viability. A detailed report is provided to the council. Scooter Assessment Service Assessments of Elderly and Disabled using Mobility Scooter Schemes. Our Assessors take the rider out into the street to assess transfers, use of controls, visual and cognitive ability etc. An evidenced report and risk assessment is provided. Training Various training programmes, including: Personal capability Assessments, Continuing  Care, Trusted Assessors, Mobility Assessment, Assessing and recommending Major Adaptations. Dementia Training and Manual Handling Training. Consultancy Reviewing or managing services on an interim basis.
Dependability Limited has provided Assessment Services on an external basis since 1992 to over 30 different authorities to both adults and children. Dependability delivers services to vulnerable adults and children on a contractual basis. Our strengths lie in our simple management structure, our emphasis on care and efficiency, and getting it right first time, on time. We have a core staff group of full time, employed staff and a number of self-employed staff working flexible hours enabling us to cater for fluctuating demand whilst at the same time controlling our overheads so we can offer value for money. Staff workload is co-ordinated by care co-ordinators based at our main office. All work is controlled centrally and reports are checked and monitored for completion, timeliness and quality to ensure targets are met. Staff are recruited using a robust recruitment policy and closely supervised. Experienced and qualified management High quality, consistent, evidenced assessments Experienced Health Care Professional staff provided Flexibility Managed work flow. Meeting targets and providing management information. ISO9001-2015 Quality Controls
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