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Cooking and Household Tasks Problems with undertaking all daily living tasks including cooking and household chores arise for many reasons. They are closely linked to other health problems. For example, people with congestive heart failure or pulmonary (lung) disease may lack the physical endurance or stamina to manage household tasks like: Cooking a meal Doing laundry Changing bed clothes Shopping Cleaning and other household tasks Don’t Worry We Can Help There are many practical and proven techniques to help you regain or maintain your independence.
Confidence to Raise and Support Yourself in Comfort and Safety
People with arthritis may be unable to perform the small, precise movements of the hands and arms needed for routine daily tasks. Failing eyesight and hearing also make life more difficult. These problems are often a matter of degree, for example, a person may be able to eat independently except for cutting food or handling liquids without spilling them. How we can help We will complete an Occupational Therapy Assessment with you and your family and provide a detailed report with clear recommendations. Small items of equipment, such as trolleys or special utensils to make things easier. We can demonstrate standing and sitting techniques helping you to develop safer ways to move around and access the household tasks that you want to do. There are many daily living products on the market, choosing the correct one for you can be costly when mistakes are made.  We can ensure the right product for you, both now and in the future. Our Aim Our aim is always to help you remain independent in your own home, managing to safely maneuver around your home confidently by providing flexible and practical solutions.
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