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Daily Living Equipment

Many people with a disability will already know what items of equipment can help them. If you have recently acquired a disability, or are generally “slowing” down as you get older, you may wish to find out about the useful gadgets and adaptations that exist to make everyday tasks easier and help you to remain independent. These items are today known as daily living equipment or assistive technology and for more electronic equipment Telecare. There are four main types of equipment: 1. Items designed specifically for older or disabled people to overcome a particular difficulty, e.g. a wheelchair, bath board, raised toilet seat; 2. Standard equipment with a particularly helpful feature, e.g. an electric tin opener, vacuum cleaner, food processor or computer. All of these can take the physical effort out of an activity; 3. Standard equipment that has been adapted, e.g. an extension on a comb for a person with limited reach, or suckers on a nail brush for someone who has the use of only one hand; 4. Custom-made items specially designed for the particular needs of one person. This could be home or commercially made, or produced by a local REMAP group with volunteers who will make one-off items for individuals.
How we can help We can complete an Occupational Therapy Assessment with you and your family and provide a detailed report with clearrecommendations. This could include: Small items of equipment such as trolleys or special utensils to make things easier. More complex and specialist equipment like slings and hoists to help move people comfortably. You can purchase items of Daily Living Equipment directly from Dependability Limited. Please call us on 020 8991 3714 to discuss your needs. We can recommend alternative equipment where you have tried something but it has not quite met your needs.
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