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Moving Around Your Home Following an accident, illness or diagnosis, or as we get older, previously straightforward home activities can become very difficult and challenging. Such challenges can lead to reduced independence, well- being and confidence
Your Home is Where You Need to Feel Safe and Comfortable
How we can Help We will complete an Occupational Therapy Assessment with you and your family and provide a detailed report with clear recommendations on how to help you move around your home more safely and independently. We will look at all aspects of moving around your home with you and discuss which you find impossible or difficult and will find solutions to help you for the future. Assessment areas will include: Daily routines and activities Physical stamina and health Your home environment, identifying trip hazards and likely points of injury Mobility in and out of doors Your goals for the future Where appropriate we can provide: An illustrated exercise program to help increase strength, balance and flexibility. Guidance and practical demonstrations to help you to manage difficult areas when moving around your home like stairs. Recommendations regarding Daily Living Equipment. Recommendations for home adaptations including minor adaptations to provide safer solutions when moving around. Advice about arranging your home which may make managing easier. Advice to family and carers who wish to support you. Our Aim Our aim is to help you remain independent in your own home, managing to move around safely and confidently by providing flexible and practical solutions to maintain and improve your ability around your home.
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