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Occupational Therapy includes a number of strategies to help people continue to do the everyday things that are important to them. Occupational Therapists facilitate recovery to help people overcome physical, mental or environmental difficulties they may be experiencing. These difficulties could have been caused by a number of things like: An acute Illness An Accident. Trauma Surgery War Disease Who can benefit from Occupational Therapy? Anyone can benefit from Occupational Therapy for whatever reason and who is unable to perform the day- to-day things they want. We all want to participate in the community but illness such as a stroke or dementia can stop this happening. People of all ages can benefit from Occupational Therapy. How is this accomplished? • Each client is different. Our skilled experienced Occupational Therapists devise a focused therapy plan using a range of therapy interventions, daily living equipment and adaptations of a persons environment. To find out how our Occupational Therapists can help you or your family Please call for an informal discussion on 020 8991 3714
Dependability Limited have been providing Occupational Therapy services for over 25 years to disabled people in the community. We are experienced in a number of areas. We work with people of all ages, helping you to carry out activities you need or want to do in order to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. We can provide Occupational Therapy intervention in a number of common difficulties. How we help Typically, one of our Occupational Therapists will meet you and your family face-to- face and complete an assessment of your needs. They will discuss and identify the particular activities that are concerning you. Then they will plan with you any therapies that will assist, they may recommend daily living equipment or environmental adaptations which would also be of benefit /needed to help you to remain independent. There is a vast range of Daily Living Equipment and it is important to get the right sort that meets your needs. You may also want to look at our Daily Living Equipment page. Self- Funded Occupational Therapy Assessment You may not wish to wait for an Occupational Therapy Assessment funded by your Local Authority due to the increased time delay. In this case you can Purchase this from us and we will provide you with a comprehensive written report, detailing your recommended assessed needs. Some Local Authorities will then accept this report to provide the intervention reccomended. We can provide: A Comprehensive OT Assessment. Detailed programmes for increasing independence. Work with you on these programmes by having our Occupational Therapist visit you regularly or you may use our trained carers who are instructed by our Occupational Therapists. Training for Carers who may already be working with you. Supply detailed design briefs for adaptation work.  This can include surveying plans. Recommend Trusted Builders. We can project manage structural work. Provide a design brief for you to choose your own builders Local Authority Funded Assessment Dependability sometimes work on behalf of Local Authorities. It is worth checking with us if this is the case in your situation. Local Authority Funded Daily Living Equipment In these circumstances, we can order Daily Living Equipment on your behalf from their stores, or recommend We can project manage structural work other suppliers if you prefer. Costs and Funding Case studies Further Information Galleries
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