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Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive neurological condition. It is a disease of the central nervous system and gets worse over time. The chemical dopamine, used in the communication between the brain and muscles, is no longer produced in sufficient quantities meaning the brain cannot send the proper signals to the muscles. Parkinsonism is a range of conditions which have similar symptoms to Parkinson’s Disease. Common Effects and Symptoms Tremor - uncontrolled movement Rigidity - stiffness in muscles - sometimes people walking cannot swing their arms Slowness of movement Walking can sometimes cause people to shuffle as they can have difficulty picking up their feet Sometimes Parkinson’s Disease becomes more advanced and can affect memory  and cause anxiety and depression.  
We Aim To Support independence helping you to remain safe and independent Enable you to live the fullest life you can and participate in the activities you wish to Reduce stress and worry for you and your family.
How we can Help There are lots of treatments, therapies and support available to manage the condition. We can provide Care Services and or Support Services. Support Services We can arrange an assessment of your needs by one of our experienced Occupational Therapists. They will assess all your functional needs and suggest solutions to help you stay safe and mobile. They will produce a report and may recommend: Daily Living Equipment Adaptations Exercise Plan Support for your family If you would like to Discuss Care Services A Dependability Manager will visit you and your family at home or in hospital to agree what assistance you require. They will discuss with you and your family any areas you are having difficulty with. We will listen and take account of your needs. A Care Plan will be agreed and tailored to your needs for each visit and then be regularly reviewed with you. Deciding My Care Needs Many people requiring care for the first time may not know what support they require. To help you decide the areas of care you might need help with, please download our Self-Assessment Care Needs Form - which we will then discuss with you when we visit. Our kind, trained staff will help you to stay in control of your life helping you in a compassionate, caring, discreet and dignified way.
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