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Personal Care and Support Services
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Personal Care and Dressing Following an acute illness, stroke or fall or because of frailty caused by age, managing to bend to get dressed or reach over our heads to put on jumpers can become very painful and difficult. Personal hygiene can also become difficult. We understand that this can become very upsetting. For some people, this may be a temporary period but for others, it becomes an ongoing problem requiring long term management. Don’t Worry we can help. You may be recovering from an illness, surgery or had a recent medical emergency. Our staff are kind and caring and fully trained to help you with our Occupational Therapists rehabilitation techniques.
Helping to Restore Independence and Dignity Our experienced Occupational Therapists are very skilled at helping people for whom everyday tasks such as washing, dressing and toileting have become difficult. We want to help you to stay as independent as possible for as long as possible. We will work with you to identify the difficulties you are having, agree a program of steps which will build strength and flexibility so you can achieve your goals helping you to maintain your dignity. We will break down currently difficult tasks into manageable steps and integrate them into your daily routine. How we can help Our Occupational Therapy assessment will identify exactly the personal care problems facing you, provide best possible practical advice, and instruction in new techniques of personal care appropriate to your circumstances and ability level. We will assess all aspects that are difficult for you and design a care plan to help you to improve your personal care capabilities. Assessment areas include: Daily routines and activities Physical stamina and health Your home environment, identifying trip hazards and likely points of injury Mobility in and out of doors Your goals for the future Where appropriate we will provide: An illustrated exercise program to help increase strength, balance and flexibility Guidance and practical demonstrations to help you to manage getting off the toilet to putting on socks. Recommendations regarding Daily Equipment. Recommendations for home adaptations including minor adaptations to provide safer solutions when completing personal care tasks. Advice about arranging your home which may make managing personal care easier. Advice to family and carers Our Aim Our aim is to help you remain independent in your own home, managing your personal care safely and confidently by providing flexible and practical solutions to maintain and improve your ability around your home.
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