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Planning Activities Sometimes people struggle to plan their days effectively. This can be because of a brain injury or an accident, or mental health problems like depression and anxiety or because of dementia. Other reasons preventing us from having a fulfilling life is bereavement and loneliness. We lose touch with friends or activities that we enjoyed or those activities became difficult and we stopped doing them.
Every Day Activities Improve Well Being and Ensure Fulfilment When your daily activities are hampered by physical or mental difficulties or loneliness it can lead to fatigue, loss of motivation and can affect your relationships. How we can help We will complete an Occupational Therapy Assessment. Our experienced Occupational Therapist will identify the planning difficulties facing you. In conjunction with you, we will identify and provide solutions taking into account your circumstances, and help you to re-establish a meaningful and fulfilling routine at a speed you feel comfortable with. We can provide: Techniques for improving concentration and helping with memory difficulties. Fatigue Management strategies. Effective planning strategies. A block of one-to-one treatment sessions with an occupational therapist to equip you with the confidence to manage your routine. On –going weekly support from one of our experienced care workers who will also assist you in following the Occupational Therapy Program designed for you and link back to your Occupational Therapist. Help with designing a routine that maximises socialisation and planning skills. Our Aim Our aim is to help you remain independent in your own home, managing your everyday life confidently by providing flexible and practical solutions with planning.
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