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People require rehabilitation when they have had a brain or spinal injury. Both can be life changing. Our experienced occupational therapists support the rehabilitation process helping those affected and their families find solutions to their difficulties. For some it will be to support a hospital discharge, adapt a new property or source relevant equipment to maximise independence. For many of our clients we work on community activities, daily routines, memory, fatigue management, or improving cognitive function with a range of interventions We also design individual support programs for returning to work.
Rehabilitation under the support care of our occupational therapist will consist of supporting and facilitating you to be as independent as possible in your daily life. This may involve focusing on improving reduced cognitive functions such as planning or memory, whereas for others people it has included focusing on removing physical barriers through well designed housing, daily living equipment (assistive technology). Our agreed support plan is always goal orientated and focused around maximising and enabling independence, no matter what form this may take. How we can help We will assess your needs, focus on the things that matter most to you and your family. We will provide a relevant, timely, goal orientated rehabilitation program individually tailored to meet your assessed needs. We will regularly review with your progress with you and change the program when required. Our intervention is always focused on practical solutions. Our Aim Our aim is always to help you and your family to become as independent as possible, as soon as possible, through result driven occupational therapy delivered by our experienced Occupational Therapists. Personal Care Support You may choose to use our experienced care support workers for personal care and they will also assist you in following the Occupational Therapy Program designed for you and link back to your Occupational Therapist.
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