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6.5 million people in the UK are carers looking after a loved one. It’s difficult to keep doing this without a break. We know you wish to continue to care, but taking a break is vital for your own health and well being. Many people do not see themselves as family carers. Are you a Carer? Take our quiz. Many carers never get out alone as they are unable to leave the person they care for. Family carers tell us they feel guilty about asking for or wanting help. Without you caring, social care in the UK would become impossible. Dependability provide a range of care services to suit the needs of different clients. We are flexible and every care package we deliver is tailored to suit the needs of the individual client. Our Care Services include: Home Care Personal Care Respite Care Live-In Care Specialist Care
How we can Help You Our experienced and qualified staff can give carers at home, like you, the opportunity to lead your own life for a while and in doing so recharge your batteries. Here are some of the ways we offer you Respite Care: We can arrange for you to have a break This can be a regular day or a few hours each week We can arrange new experiences for the person you are caring for We can take the person you are caring for out to a coffee shop, for example. We can provide a Day-Sitting Service where someone will come into your home to allow you a break and time to yourself. We can provide a NIght-Sitting Service where someone will come into your home and allow you to have a proper night’s sleep. Holiday Support Help and Support for when you want to go on holiday by yourself or with the person you care for. Carers Often carers at home - this could be the spouse, partner, child or parent of the client - care 24 hours a day, seven days a week to manage all the tasks their loved one needs, and, often, that’s on top of their job or running the home. The Purpose of Respite Care The purpose of Respite Care is to give carers at home, like you, some relief from your caring duties so you can recharge you batteries. Your loved one will be safely cared for in the comfort and security of your own home. Click here for information on the costs of Respite Care and ways in which it can be funded. Some of the conditions for which we provide Care Services: Temporary infirmity/post surgery or illness or accident Dementia Stroke Parkinson’s Disease Diabetes Arthritis COPD Head and Brain Injury Cerebral Palsy Epilepsy Moror Neurone Disease Multiple Sclerosis Mental Health Conditions
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