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We understand life after a stroke can be difficult and worrying. People tell us that they often feel very exhausted, tired and fatigued and often have headaches and other pains. Some people have difficulty swallowing and their mobility may be affected. We have worked with many people after a stroke planning rehabilitation/reablement assistance and helping them regain lost independence. It is very important to work on areas that have been affected every day and now worry about housework. You need all your energy to get as well as you can. How we can help your Independence Rehabilitation: Our management team includes Occupational Therapists and nurses. We have ensured that all our staff are skilled and can follow our rehabilitation/reablement programmes to help you back to independence. Our managers will regularly review your progress and change activities when required and as you become more able. Some people have difficulty with communication after a stroke and this can be very frustrating. Our staff will use a range of different communication methods and tools to help you express yourself and assist with your speech therapy. How we can Help You: We can offer rehabilitation/reablement support planning focused on your specific needs From a practical viewpoint, we can do shopping, laundry and housework so you can use your energy on your reablement exercises with your carer We can prepare nutritious meals and help you to eat and drink A night call to settle you safely and comfortably into bed Emotionally it’s important to continue to go out and continue with activities you enjoy, and we can support you in those early days. Our Aim For You To Help you remain at home To enable you to become more confident and self-reliant and need less support To be safe and confident so you can do the things you enjoy.   Stroke Handbook  Our Reablement Programmes  Daily Living Equipment Leaflet  Adaptations Leaflet  Vascular Dementia Leaflet
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Approximately 150,000 people will have a stroke in the UK each year. What is a Stroke? A stroke is a sudden absence of blood supply to a part of the brain. This can be caused by a blood clot blocking the supply of blood to a part of the brain, or by a blood vessel rupturing and bleeding into the brain. Without blood the affected brain area is quickly starved of oxygen and can no longer work properly. The part of the brain affected and the severity of the stroke depends on where the blockage or bleed was and how big it was. Common Difficulties after a Stroke Tiredness and fatigue Pain and headaches Difficulty with swallowing Vision problems Mobility problems Emotional changes Thinking and saying the right words (Aphasia) Continence issues. Our Experience We have found many people continue to gain independence skills following Occupational Therapy Programmes long after ‘formal’ health intervention has ceased. Don’t Give Up! Dependability Support Services See: Daily Living Equipment and Adaptations to Your Home for further information. We can help Specify and arrange Major Adaptations to your home to enable you to access the shower with less difficulty. Assist with getting upstairs without moving house.
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